Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 2 of Teacher's Write:

So, my very first quick write is done, in both my journal and now here! The prompt/assignment was to go somewhere to people watch and turn your observations into a characterization. So... I decided to visit the library, the children's section specifically, to watch my favorite type of people... KIDS!

A small boy, about five or six years old, was slowly wandering the whole of the library. He was dressed very nicely, in long, red plaid shorts and a navy blue T-shirt. As he meandered through the rows of shelves, he drug a tote behind him. It swooshed back and forth on the carpet loudly. Presumably, the bag was loaded with books, though I couldn't really tell. The tote itself, was about a third his size in length and it clearly was too heavy or cumbersome for him to carry on his shoulder.

He started by circling the entire perimeter of the children's section, which is fairly large. Then, he methodically zig-zagged through the shelves. It was in the juvenile nonfiction section where I first really noticed him. He didn't smile, yet he didn't look particularly sad. I saw no adult watching him from a comfy chair as most parents do. Even still, he didn't seem to be lost. He just ambled his way around the library, never stopping to peruse the shelves; never taking a moment to visually locate a misplaced mother or a stray sibling.

I'm not sure if this is what the assignment was supposed to be, but this is what stemmed from the prompt and my day at the library.

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